High Quality Vinyl Stickers

vinyl bannersIf you have never shopped for high quality and cool vinyl stickers then here are a few tips. Aside from the fine artwork on the stickers you want the materials they are made from to measure up to the standard of ‘high quality’.

When you look for your stickers be sure to take into account the following qualities. You want-

High Quality Glossy Vinyl
Breakthrough Technology For Creating Die Cut Stickers
Custom Designing And Edges
Residue-Free Sticking (special treated adhesive)
Weather-Proof (water and sun resistant)
Premium Non-Peel Sticking (will not come off in a dishwasher or washer)
No Air Bubbles
Heat Resistant (will hold up in microwave ovens)
Front Adhesive Option For Window Placement

Always keep these things in mind as you shop for the stickers you need. Not all stickers give you these types of benefits.

Why These Qualities Are Important

The Residue-Free sticking makes it easy to remove stickers from jars or lids. It enables you to peel them off easily without leaving that ugly discolored glue.

When it comes to weather there are so many uses for these stickers that a weather-proof quality is a must. You want your stickers to hold up in both rain and harsh sunshine. This type of sticker can be placed on your car or picnic tables, etc.

Another place you want high quality in your stickers is in the dishwasher. Lots of people use them on cups or bowls. Most stickers need to have been applied to a surface about 24 hours before putting in a dishwasher.

There are times when a sticker needs to be placed on the inside of a window and show on the outside. That is why you want to look for a sticker that gives you the Front Adhesive option.

When you place your stickers onto plastic tupperware or cups you want them to be able to withstand micro-waving. With high quality stickers you never have to worry about heat causing them to detach from your containers.

If you plan to use your stickers outdoors be sure to look for UV resistant ink. That way you know the sun will not affect their performance. Cheap low quality stickers will fade and discolor in direct sunlight.

Different Qualities For Different Jobs

It depends on what your stickers are intended to be used for as to which of the above qualities will be the most important. These are some good guidelines to follow to ensure that you end up with the right stickers for the job.

Custom-Made Neon Signs and Vinyl Signs

When I used to help my husband coach little league baseball, he put me in charge of certain tasks, such as collecting snacks, and also finding places to get t-shirts for the team made, and other random things.  One of those random tasks was to find a place to get signs and banners created.  I used to get these paper banners with the team’s name on them so that the parents and friends could hold them in the bleachers and cheer for their kids.

custom-made neon signMost recently though, I was given the job of getting a custom-made neon sign made for the snack stand at our local baseball diamond and football field.  I found the site linked above when researching.  They offer personalized and customized neon signs of all varieties.  You can choose from several sizes of width and heigth, and then you can choose the shape.  There are ovals, circles, rectangles, and more.  You then choose the message you want on it, across one to three lines, and then choose colors and borders.  You can get this done for as cheap as $200, which I think is a fair price.  I bet the snack stand gets a lot more business because of it.  In one season I bet it can pay itself off.

But I began thinking about this in terms of arts and crafts and realized how many ideas there are that these could be used for.  I once ordered some signs from including banners and even refrigerator magnets featuring our teams schedule.  But you can even get street signs and parking signs and more made there.  You can get large vinyl banners instead of paper ones so that they can be used over and over again.

vinyl bannerI’ve been considering having a graphic designer create me a nice logo for my crafts, or I can paint or draw one and have them convert it into a file so that I can have it printed on magnets, business cards, bumper stickers, decals, yard signs, and so much more.  This would be awesome, because I really want to start producing crafts and selling them at markets, and even having them placed in other stores on consignment.

The thing is, now that I’ve made all of these connections and found resources, I could even get my logo printed on t-shirts and more.  I’m so happy to have been involved with the baseball team in this manner now.  There are always opportunities to learn more about crafting, but you just have to keep your eyes, ears, and mind open to it.  It’s coming at you from all directions all the time.  Just pay attention and you’ll see it!  Opportunities abound.