Hello, everybody!  My name is Karen and I’m an arts and crafts fanatic.  There is nothing I love more than to spend the evenings and weekends relaxing on my sofa in front of a good chick-flick and knitting up a blanket or pair of gloves.  I love crocheting, quilting, and more.  But my absolute favorite thing to use for arts and crafts is the mason jar!

mason jarsMason jars are so versatile.  I don’t know what it is about them, but I love the vintage aspect to them.  There is so much history behind them.  I hold one and imagine the many hands it has passed through, and the wonderful turnip greens and tomatos that must have been pressure cooked and sealed inside.  It’s so rich of a thing!

I love them though.  You can decorate them, make candles, make lanterns, braid baskets around them, make wedding gifts, give away cookie mix, and so much more.  The uses are literally almost limitless.  But that’s not all I enjoy about crafts.  We all love to receive gifts, but nothing beats the feeling of giving a gift that you made personally for that person specifically, and them having a great use for it.  Seeing that smile and hearing a thanks of appreciation is a great thing.

My main goal with this website is to collect a lot of projects I see that look entertaining, or ones that I’ve already tried, and just have a place to store them all for the future.  Plus other people will get a benefit out of it, so thats always a good thing.  I will be linking to great projects and websites I find.  You can feel free to send me an email and show me more, because there is no way for me to find them all out there on the internet.

knitting craftsFor instance, I found a cool website for mason jars called www.masonjarshq.com that has tons of great craft projects on it.  Another one that I’ve been looking at recently is www.myapothecaryjars.com.  It’s very similar to using mason jars for crafts.  There’s a lot of similarities, but some unique differences, mainly in the options of shapes you can get a hold of.  This site, www.artsandcraftshomes.com, has a lot of great ways to incorporate crafts into your home and make it look very nice.  I’m trying to learn to quilt!  I may have gotten ahead of myself, because I started purchasing some of these towel racks for my craft room: http://towelracked.com/over-the-door-towel-racks/

This is what I say to you.  Have fun.  Start small, try this: www.howtomakeplaydough.net.  Always enjoy yourself when crafting, because for me it’s all about relaxation and mastery of the self, not the craft.  Share your creations as well.  Don’t hoarde anything.  Life is about interconnectivity.  With that being said, send me some more projects to work on!  Someone recently showed me a site about the paper punch that I thought was pretty cool.  Use the contact page to email me and we’ll talk.  Keep checking back every so often because I’ll be adding more and more to the site.  Bye!